All the signs indicate that I’m a little infatuated with food. Travel plans revolve around restaurants I want to try and the dishes I must taste. I spend family vacations with a beer in hand, hovering over a hot grill basting a rack of ribs. I can always rationalize a purchase at Sur La Table. And I’ve definitely agreed to throw a party just so I can have an excuse to make beans in miniature bacon cups. Food is memorable to me, and cooking has always made me feel like, well, myself.

As with many people, my introduction to cooking started at home with my family. My mom, an infinitely creative person, always had a talent for throwing together something delicious with whatever was stashed in the pantry. I remember she taught me to make pea and leek risotto and my job was to stir constantly until it became that creamy, comforting rice dish. I’ve been drawn to the kitchen ever since. Now my two sisters and I have taken over the chef roles, and spending time in the kitchen with them is my favorite evening.

Feed and Be Fed is where I will cook lush food that I hope you will want to make, eat and share.


Claire Webb


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